Yaohua glass-Architectural glass

Yaohua glass-Architectural glass

If you’re in glass industry,you may always hear “Yaohua”,let’s check its history and find the truth behind.


In 1922,Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass introduced the Asien’s first fourcault process glass production line.The founder Zhou Xue Xi was important person in “Westernization movement”.

Since then,Yaohua ,which means “Sparkle China”,became the most famous brand in glass industry.

YAOHUA GLASS-1945-1948
YAOHUA GLASS-1945-1948

But now,Qinhuangdao Yaohua has diversified into many field,such as borosilicate glass,float glass line manufacturing,processing equipment processing ,glass fiber,glassware.

With the emerge of more and more competitors such as CSG,XINYI,TG,Jinjing,Yaohua was lagged behind, now you can hardly find Yaohua website,and their products in the building glass market except some hard coated reflective glass,clear float glass,tinted float glass.

But this cannot change its milestone position in the China glass development,during it’s most glorious time,many processors name themselves with “Yaohua”,just because “Yaohua” was so famous around China.

I can find 666 glass processors and stores named with “Yaohua glass”,in which many become famous exporters and known by the world,many are closed.

The naming also happened to many other big groups,such as SYP(Shanghai Yaopi),Northglass.

You can see Qinghai Northglass,Jiangsu Northglass,Shandong northglass,Shenzhen northglass,and also some traders name themselves “Northglass”.

Enterprise name is just a code,everyone has the chance to grow up but also many many challenges.

Name cannot change much,sincerity and integrity is the most important.

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