Why we use triple silver low-E on your facade?

Why we use triple silver low-E on your facade?

Currently single silver low-E cannot meet the architectural energy saving requirement,the new double silver low-E and triple silver low-E ,in addition to the argon filled glass,triple glazing has decreased the glass U value significantly,especially the passive glass,through argon filled triple glazing with two pieces double silver low-E,the glass Uvalue has decreased to 0.6W/m2.k.Triple silver low-E has been more and more popular,then why shall we use triple silver low-e in your facade?

Why we use triple silver low-E on your facade?
The advantages of triple silver low-E:
1.Triple silver LOW-e IGU has higher transparency and low-E solar shading coefficiency.Based on same light transmittance,triple silver low-E has 15% lower SC than double silver,which is 15% better than single ones.
2.Thermal insulation.Based on same light transmittance,the far infaraed transmittance of triple is 3%,double is 11% and single is 31%.
3.Triple silver low-E has the best cost economy.The costs used by air conditioners for buildings using triple silver low-E is only half of double silver low-E and 30% of single silver low-E.
Morn now offers several different types triple silver low-E for clients:
MWTE58,which is similar as solarban 90.
MWTE70,which is similar as solarban70XL.

Why we use triple silver low-E on your facade?
Based on same glass performance,our tripleilver low-E price is much better ,Morn is your turnkey architectural glass,especially triple silver low-E insulated glass supplier from China,welcome contact us for more info.

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