Why we choose system windows and doors.

Why we choose system windows and doors.

Most people pay attention to the quality of obvious parts such as aluminum profile, glass, accessories, etc when buying high-quality doors and windows,, but do not understand the professional performance requirements of doors and windows, more concerned about product quality, cost-effective and other factors. In the initial consumption ideology, high-quality doors and windows are considered to be equal to high-performance doors and windows.

Why we choose system windows and doors.

High quality doors and windows = high quality profiles + glass + accessories strips + processing technology x installation process

High-performance doors and windows High-performance profiles x glass x accessories strips x processing technology x installation process x…

Therefore: high-quality doors and windows ≠ high-performance door and window.
system doors and windows is a perfect organic combination of performance systems, the specific functions are reflected in several aspects: noise reduction, air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure resistance, heat preservation and energy saving,convenient operation, and the appearance of the doors and windows is also improved.

Why we choose system windows and doors.
The use of high-grade thermal break aluminum alloy doors and windows has gradually become the first choice for many high-end building windows. However, experts also pointed out that the quality of aluminum alloy door and window products on the market is uneven, and must be carefully discerned when purchasing. Inferior aluminum alloy doors and windows use aluminum profiles and specifications, processing rough and shoddy, cutting instead of milling, not installed according to requirements, poor sealing performance, switch is not smooth, not only leaking wind and rain and glass burst phenomenon, but also encountered When it comes to strong winds and external forces, it is easy to scrape or knock down the push-pull parts or the glass, causing damage to people. The aluminum profiles used for high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows, thickness, strength and oxide film, should comply with the relevant national standards, the wall thickness should be above 1.2 mm, the tensile strength reaches 157 Newtons per square meter, and the yield strength should be At 108 Newtons per square millimeter, the oxide film thickness should be 10 microns. If the above standards are not met, it is a poor quality aluminum alloy door and window, which cannot be used.

Why we choose system windows and doors.
System door and window is perfect replacement for traditional windows and doors,usually system windows has energy efficient design and elegant appearance,high grade raw materials and excellent water tightness,air tightness and energy efficeint performance.

Why we choose system windows and doors.
Morn can offer system windows&doors for your facade project,with the support of Huajian aluminium and EOSS system windows,Morn can be your best aluminium windows supplier.

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