Why Morn

Morn is your turnkey architectural glass supplier,currently we focus on greenhouse glass,facade glass trading,soon will expand our business category to aluminium profiles,windows&doors, window&door hardware,aluminium plate to offer comprehensive products with competitive price.

Why Morn

The benefits for Morn’s clients:

  • Simplified supply chain.

Clients may find it difficult for some special glass products,or little quantity orders that many factories refuse to process,with Morn’s cooperative factories all around China,client’s will get rid of complex and headache supplier sourcing works.

Aluminium alloy profiles,aluminium plates,aluminium windows&doors,Assa Abloy hardware are also available in Morn with competitive price.

  •  Quality products.

Quality glass complying with CE/ IGCC/ SGCC/ CSI certificates.

All Morn’s factories are strictly selected and classified by different glass types,dedicated in glass processing and exporting with established good reputation.

All Morn’s other facade materials suppliers are China and even world top brands:Huajian aluminium,Assa Abloy,etc.

  • Worry free procurement.

In-process report,inspection report to ensure that clients know exactly what’s happening in thousands kilometers away China.

Glass replacements can be processed immediately to avoid any project penalty.

  • Saved costs and increased profits.

Large scale procurement &years cooperation with factories ensures that clients can get the best competitive price from Morn.

Decreased direct purchasing costs,altogether with saved replacement/logistic fees/penalty ,client’s purchasing costs can be saved significantly.

  • Professional service&advice.

Immediate response,excellent service,and products consultants.

Morn’s glass&aluminium experts will offer professional suggestions on your glass performance data,glass configuration,and other materials advice to avoid any potential risks.

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Sales Email: marketing@cnmorn.com
Technical support: han@cnmorn.com

Mobile/Wechat: 0086-17705464660

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