Why heat soaking process is not recommended ?

Why heat soaking process is not recommended ?

The Nis inside glass will cause tempered glass self explosion after installation.The glass breakage,replacement will bring numerous problems to clients,so many glass processors recommend heat soaking process after tempering to decrease the self breakage ratio.
Heat soaking process is finished by heat soaking furnace,take the glass into the furnace,heating up to 300℃,keeping the temperature for 2 hours and then decrease temperature,the Nis inside glass will transfer and expand many times which can cause glass breakage,after heat soaking,the glass breakage ratio can decrease much.But how much final breakage ratio,nobody knows..

Why heat soaking process is not recommended ?
Morn don’t suggest heat soaking process for glass,the reasons are as below:

1.Heat soaked glass has no appearance difference from normal tempered glass.
Heat soaking process is not a process that can change glass appearance,and there’s even no machines or tools to detect if the glass is heat soaked or not.For clients,the at least 10% increased costs on glass purchasing cannot be identified even if glass was installalled many years.
Many glass processors charged high heat soaking process but don’t actually doing the process.They’ll offer false heat soaking test report and don’t care about the result.
2.There’re many alternative method to avoid glass self breakage.
Option a:Heat strengthened glass.Compared with tempered glass,heat strengthened glass won’t self breakage ,and even if glass is broken,the glass will keep integrity and there’s enough time to replace the glass.
Option b:Use low iron glass.Compared with normal clear glass,tempered low iron glass contains much less Nis and much lower possibility of breakage,the low iron glass will also offer more elegant appearance.
Anyway,please don’t use poor quality glass raw materials for your order,small float glass manufacturer’s products is not reliable and high possibility of breakage.
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