What’s the function of argon gas in argon filled insulated glass?

What’s the function of argon gas in argon filled insulated glass?

Argon is a kind of inert gas, which has colorless, odorless, non-toxic properties and stability. In air, its content is about 1%, and is the most economical inert gas compared with helium and neon.
Argon is usually been filled in the insulated glass to increase the glass thermal insulation performance,let’s take example of single silver low-E + Clear insulated glass, argon content increase from 0-100%,the glass U value decrease from 1.86 to 1.59,for triple silver low-E glass, U value decrease from 1.64 to 1.34.The argon doesn’t affect SC value,LT value and can decrease glass U value significantly.

What's the function of argon gas in argon filled insulated glass?
But argon has more functions despite increase glass thermal insulation performance.
a.After filling with argon gas, the internal and external pressure difference can be reduced, the pressure balance can be maintained, and the glass burst due to the pressure difference can be reduced.
b.Due to the characteristics of the argon gas as the inert gas, the heat convection in the insulated glass can be slowed down, and the sound insulation and noise reduction effect can be further improved.
c.Increase the wind pressure resistance. and increase the strength of a large area of insulated glass so that it does not collapse in the middle without support.
d.Because it is filled with a dry inert gas, the moisture-bearing air in the hollow cavity can be replaced to keep the environment inside the cavity drier and prolong the service life of the molecular sieve in the aluminum spacer frame.
e.When low-emission LOW-E glass or coated glass is used, since the filling gas is an inert inert gas, the low-e coating can be protected from decreasing the oxidation rate and prolonging the lifetime of the coated glass.
Compared with normal insulated glass, argon filled insulated glass price is only USD1.5/SQM higher,but because of its high cost performance,more and more projects are using argon filled glass to increase glass performance.
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