What’s the difference between XPS, EPS,PU?

What’s the difference between XPS, EPS,PU?

For structural insulation panel ,EPS,XPS and PU are mostly widely used core,many clients don’t know exactly what materials they are ,what advantage and disadvantage of different core,here we offer some info:
EPS:Expanded polystyrene.Mixing polystyrene resin with foaming agent, after heating processing,the resin will forming a rigid closed-cell foam.

What's the difference between XPS, EPS,PU?

Structural insulation panels (SIP) WITH OSB and EPS board

XPS:Extruded polystyrene.It is continuously extruded and foamed by a special process. The hard film formed on the surface is even and flat, and the internal closed-cell foaming is continuous and uniform, forming a honeycomb structure.

What's the difference between XPS, EPS,PU?

Structural insulation panels with MGO and XPS board

PU:Polyurethane panels, made of isocyanate and polyether. It is polymerized by high-pressure spraying and on-site foaming under the action of various auxiliary agents such as foaming agents, catalysts, and flame retardants. There are two types of polyurethane foam: soft foam and rigid foam. Soft foam is open-cell structure, hard foam is closed-cell structure.

What's the difference between XPS, EPS,PU?

Comparison of XPS,EPS and PUR.
1.Thermal insulation: PU -0.022W/M2.K <XPS 0.029W/M2.K <EPS 0.042W/M2.K
2.Price: EPS <XPS<PU.
3.Temperature resistance: EPS 70℃< XPS 95℃<PU 120℃。
4.Compressive strength: EPS 69 MPA < PU 150Mpa <XPS 200Mpa.
5.Bonding strength:EPS<XPS<PU
6. XPS,EPS and PU all are flame retardant materials.

With above info,we can see that EPS has the best price but every performance is worse than XPS and PU.It’s suitable for low requirement,low energy saving performance requirement and low wind load projects.
PU has the highest price and almost best performance at every aspect,so it’s widely used in high energy saving projects.
XPS has the best cost performance,good thermal insulation,god water and moisture proof ,annd excellent compression performance,easy installation,so XPS is most common materials used in SIP.
Morn can supply all kinds of structural insulation panels with OSB and all kinds of core materials,welcome contact us for your next great project,we would like to be your reliable China SIP manufacturer and supplier.

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