What’s the difference between double glazing and triple glazing?

Most glass used in facade is double glazed units, which is made of 1 piece low-E coated glass and 1 piece clear glass,the most common glass combination is 6 low-E+12A+6 clear glass.
If the low-E coating is double silver low e coated,glass U value is around 1.6W/m2.k,for triple silver low-E the U value is same but will with lower Solar coefficient.Evne if we change the 2nd glass to double silver low-E,the U value won’t change much.

What's the difference between double glazing and triple glazing?
With the development of energy saving conscious,triple glazed units is widely used in developed countries ,such as Europe and North America areas,the cold area has higher heat conservation performance.
Compared with double glazed units,triple glazing has much lower U value ,glass made of 1 piece low-E and 2 lites clear glass U value can decrease to 1.2W/m2.k.Of course we have many options to decrease the U value again,such as increasing the iar gap ,fill argon,using warm edge spacer,and using 2 piece low-E glass.
The main difference between double glazed units and triple glazed units is U value,here is the comparison between different combinations.

What's the difference between double glazing and triple glazing?
As shown in above chart,triple glazed units can decrease 20-30% U value,taking advantage of more method,the U value can decrease 100% again ,the glass will be applied in passive buildings.
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