What’s the difference between aluminium miror,silver mirror,copper free mirror?

There’re many mirror options in the market with different pricing ,but normal customers don’t know exactly why the price are different,and cannot identify which is aluminium mirror,silver mirror and copper free mirror.After they purchasing the cheap aluminium mirrors,especially single paint aluminium mirrors,customers found the quality is quite poor and cannot meet customers requirement,so before purchasing a mirror,customers should know the difference and features of different mirror products.

What's the difference between aluminium miror,silver mirror,copper free mirror?

Firstly,the deciding points affecting mirror price is the coating used in Mirror.

What’s a mirror coating?

Mirrors are widely used in decoration among other industries because of its reflective properties, the reflective property of mirrors come from coating a layer deposited on the surface of the glass, making it reflective and in some times make better reflections or give a higher reflection on some specific colors.

Are all reflective coatings the same?

For commercial and household use, there are two important factors: Percentage of Reflection and Durability.

What's the difference between aluminium miror,silver mirror,copper free mirror?

Aluminium mirror:

Aluminum Mirrors reflect only 90% of the light, which means you get a less vibrant reflection and colors from the mirror itself. Although they are a cheaper option, most of the time these mirrors come with waving issues and their coating is thinner, which makes it easier to scratch.

Aluminum being a more reactive metal compared to Silver oxidizes much faster in the presence of moisture, not the ideal case for a mirror you want to install in your bathroom or the exterior.

Silver mirror:

Silver Mirrors reflect up to 95% of the light spectrum, they are popular among women due to its vivid reflection and much warmer colors. Despite their higher cost, most consumers prefer it, and until a few years ago it was a synonym of quality in Mirrors.


Silver coated layers are also much thicker and rust-resistant, and despite being cleaned with more corrosive chemicals they last longer than aluminum mirrors. In some cases with a good care Silver Mirrors can last up to three years without getting oxidized.

Copper free mirror:

Copper-free mirrors are made out of the silver coating as its main reflective material, which allows them to give that vibrant reflection that women love so much from the Silver Mirror. But at the same time, it has several improvements that make it a higher quality mirror compared to silver.

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