What’s the best U value of insulated glass?

What’s the best U value of insulated glass?

Insulated glass is widely used in curtain wall,glass wall ,high rise buildings.The most common glass combination is 6-12A-6 with double silver low-E,U value is around 1.6w/m2.k.

What's the best U value of insulated glass?

Double silver low-E has the highest cost performance.reference price for :

single silver low-E IGU- USD22.5/SQM,

double silver low-E- USD26.5/SQM,

triple silver low-E- USD45/SQM.

While passive building is becoming more and more popular in European countries,the passive building windows&doors U value is usually below 0.8w/m2.k and even sometimes below 0.6W/m2.k.

Then how we can decrease the glass U value to achieve the passive building low U value requirement?

a.Argon filled

b.Triple glazing

c.reasonable aluminium spacer.

Here is a comparison of different IGU U value:

Glass combinationU value-EN673
6 Clear +12A+6 Clear2.7
6 SGG-COOLLITE SKN176+12A+6 Clear1.39
6 SGG-COOLLITE SKN176+12Ar+6 Clear1.15
6 SGG-COOLLITE SKN176+12Ar+6 SGG-COOLLITE SKN176+12Ar+6 Clear0.68
6 SGG-COOLLITE SKN176+16Ar+6 SGG-COOLLITE SKN176+16Ar+6 Clear0.56

As we can see with more low-E coatings and glass overall thickness,as well as Argon ,U value of triple glazed units can achieve 0.56W/m2.k.

What's the best U value of insulated glass?

In combination with our WR93 Passive windows system,overall windows U value is as below:

Glass combinationU value-EN673
WR93 with  6 SGG-COOLLITE SKN176+16Ar+6 SGG-COOLLITE SKN1761.26
WR93 with  6 SGG-COOLLITE SKN176+12Ar+6 SGG-COOLLITE SKN176+12Ar+6 Clear0.89
WR93 with  6 SGG-COOLLITE SKN176+16Ar+6 SGG-COOLLITE SKN176+16Ar+6 Clear0.65

The excellent thermal insulation performance makes the whole windows energy efficient.

Morn is your turnkey passive windows & extremely energy efficient glass supplier,welcome contact us for more info.

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