What’s hot bending glass?

Some projects require curved tempered glass with small radius (R< 1000mm),but most glass manufacturers cannot process this curved glass for machine limit.

Let’s take LandGlass tempering machine as example,the min curved glass radius is:

5-6mm:Rmin =1000mm

8-12mm:Rmin =1500mm

15-19mm:Rmin =2500mm

Then hot bending glass can solve this problem perfectly.Different from tempered glass,hot bending glass can be made in many shapes:Small radius,90 degree,double curved glass etc,here are some pics that shows the hot bending glass fantastic different shapes:

What's hot bending glass?

C shape glass table top/hot bending glass table top

What's hot bending glass?

What's hot bending glass?

Glass chair glass shelves

Partial curved glass for showcase

What's hot bending glass?

double curved glass for ball shape glass skylight

What's hot bending glass?

large size curved glass

But the disadvantage is hot bending glass strengthen is not as good as tempered glass,so it’s usually made into hot bending laminated glass to work as safety glass.

Morn is your turnkey hot bending glass supplier,we supply all kinds of hot bending glass for your projects.

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