What’s Dupont SGP Interlayer?

What’s Dupont SGP Interlayer?

SGP is also called SentryGlas Plus,which is one kind of high performance laminated materials developed by Dupont,Kuarary acquired Dupont in the end of 2014.

SGP has very high strength,SGP laminated glass bearing capability is 2 times that of PVB laminated glass,but the bending deflection of SGP laminated is only 1/4 of PVB
laminated glass under the same thickness and load condition.
The tearing strength of SGP interlayer is 5 times higher than PVB film,even if the glass breaks,the SGP can also stick the glass and form a temporary structure while keeping small bending deformation,it can withstand a certain amount of load and whole piece laminated glass won’t fall or deform.
SGP interlayer has good edge stability, and low water content.The film is translucent and has good weather resistance,after years installation and application,the SGP film will keep translucent and won’t change to yellow color.The SGP yellowing coefficient is less than 1.5 while the PVB interlayer ones is 6-12,so SGP laminated glass is widely used in low iron laminated glass.
SGP production process is same as PVB laminated glass,but SGP laminated glass price is very high,that’s the reason why the SGP laminated cannot replace PVB one.Eastman company also produced similar products-DG41,but the shortage of DG41 is,the interlayer strength will decrease under higher temperature.

What's Dupont SGP Interlayer?

SGP laminated glass characteristics:
Translucent and high mechanical strength,good impact resistance.The safety glass made with SGP interlayer has high safety performance:explosion-
proof,bulletproof,hurricane proof glass.

SGP laminated glass Applications
Glass barriers of public building,balcony,windows and doors.Indoor partition,glass staircase.Typical applications are airport terminal,glass roof,glass partition.
Glass staircase,glass corridor.SGP laminated glass can withstand high pressure and can meet the requirement of transparent observation,it can be used as submarine
windows,deep water peep mirror,glass aquarium,etc.
High rise buildings,large public buildings.
Over sized architectural glass,or jumbo glass.The SGP laminated glass can be over 10 meters long and used in hotel lobby to increase the glass strength.
Morn is your turnkey architectural glass supplier,we offer SGP laminated glass with 0.76mm,0.89mm,1.52mm,2.28mm SGP interlayers,welcome contact us for more info.
Typical glass configuration:
12.89mm tempered SGP laminated glass,16.89mm tempered SGP laminated glass,20.89mm tempered SGP laminated glass
13.52mm tempered SGP laminated glass.17.52mm tempered SGP laminated glass,21.52mm tempered SGP laminated glass

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What’s Dupont SGP interlayer?

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