What’s anti slip glass?

What’s anti slip glass?

Anti slip glass is widely used in glass staircases,glass steps,glass floors.

The glass is usually made by acid etching process on glass surface to create uneven patterns,such as acid etched dots,acid etched cross.The patterns increase the friction and prevent potential slip when glass is wet.

What's anti slip glass?

Anti-slip glass Features:
◎ Anti-slip: The anti-slip layer on the glass surface has high friction, which provides a guarantee for the anti-slip performance of the glass floor.
◎ Transparency: The glass floor after anti-slip treatment still maintains the permeability characteristics, completely achieving unobstructed and visual integration of the line of sight.
◎Safety: The anti-slip glass floor substrate has high strength and can withstand large loads without breaking. The anti-slip glass floor through the laminating process can withstand larger loads.
◎The anti-slip layer does not fall off: The anti-slip layer is part of the glass, so it can be rubbed for a long time without falling off.

What's anti slip glass?
Cafés, stage, showrooms, KTV song and dance venues, supermarkets, large shopping malls, museums, landscape corridors, etc. need to be non-slip.

Morn can supply all kinds of anti slip glass for your glass staircase,glass floor,glass steps,welcome contact us for more info.

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