What’s acid etched glass?

What’s acid etched glass?

Acid etched glass is a kind of annealed glass that is treated with hydrofluoric acid to make the glass surface a frosted appearance.

What's acid etched glass?

The frosted appearance can be fully frosted,partial frosted ,and even some patterns can be etched on glass surface.

Acid etching is quite different from sandblasted glass because the finished surface is much smoother and easier to maintain. The glass can also better withstand stress and stay smudge-free longer. Because of its long life, acid-etched glass can be cut into any shape or size and then tempered.

What's acid etched glass?What's acid etched glass?

Acid-etched glass can be applied in below :

  • Glass Doors-shower doors,frameless shower door,glass doors
  • Partitions:Office partitions
  • Glass shelves and glass cabinets
  • Glass cabinets
  • Art glass
  • Glass table top,
  • Anti slip glass staircase
  • Glass handrails

This type of glass can vary in opacity. The transparency depends on what the finished product will be used for.

Morn is your turnkey China acid etched glass supplier,below are the acid etched glass options we can supply:

Acid etching options:Single side acid etched,double side acid etched

Thickness:3mm ,3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm。

Monolithic options:Clear ,low iron glass,euro grey ,euro bronze,golden bronze,F green,natural green,diamond blue,ford blue,etc.

Max size:2440*3660mm.

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