Warm edge space insulated glass production

Warm edge space insulated glass production

Traditional insulated glass are made with glass,spacer,buytl sealant and structural sealant,the function of butyl sealant is to increase the watertight and airtight,the structural sealant is used to increase the structure strength of the insulated glass,especially for some facade IGU ,the size can reach 4000*1500mm,the glass need very high strength to keep the structure of insulated glass.

Recent years,warm edge spacer,or super spacer insulated glass is more popular.The warm edge combine the advantage of butyl,desiccant,and secondary sealant together,the easy production process and relatively lower price make it becoming an alternative for normal windows and doors.

Here we introduce the production facilities of warm edge spacer and production flow.

Warm edge space insulated glass production

Above is typical production line for super spacer production line,it consist of:

Glass washing machine,air float table,tilting table,roller press,casting table,liner stripper,rotary gunning table,double reel stripper,hot melt pump,and sealed workshop.

Here is also a video showing how workers assemble the insulated glass.

Morn is your turnkey architectural glass manufacturer,we can supply all kinds of insulated glass,both warm edge insulated and traditional double sealant insulated glass.

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