W1.1 and W1.16 low E coating for greenhouse /conservatory

W1.1 and W1.16 low E coating for greenhouse /conservatory

The main function of large scale greenhouse is planting and farming,the most common greenhouse glass is 3/3.2/4mm low iron tempered glass,AR coating is optional to increase the light transmittance and solar energy.

While personal or household greenhouse, conservatory use insulated glass instead of single piece tempered safety glass,the main consideration of this kinds of conservatory is :thermal insulation and high light transmittance.

Traditional single silver low-E or double silver low-E can only reach 75% and 67% light transmittance and best U value is 1.75W/M2.K and 1.55W/M2.K.

To meet the high requirement of greenhouse and conservatory manufacturers’ , Morn now developed W1.1 and W1.16 low e coating which is the perfect glass solution for conservatory glass.

Similar as AGC Iplus to 1.1 products,W1.1 and W1.16 have below features:W1.1 and W1.16 low E coating for greenhouse /conservatory

  1. Temperable: The coating is processed with vacuum sputtering low-E coating line,the tough coating can resist the 700’degrees high temperature and make the glass work as safety glass.The glass can be tempered,heat strengthened and bendable to fit the design.
  2. Various sub-glass options.The coating can be coated on clear glass and low iron glass for different visual effect.Coating on low iron glass will offer higher light transmittance and higher solar energy transmittance.
  3. High light transmittance.The insulated glass made with W1.1 and W1.16 can reach 82% ,If both glass are clear ,light transmittance is 79%.
  4. Excellent thermal insulation effect.The insulated glass made with W1.1and W1.16 keeps low U value which equal or better than double silver low-E. When argon was filled,and warm edge spacer was used,the U value can decrease again to lowest 1.1 and 1.16W/M2.K.That ‘s also the name source of W1.1 and W1.16.

Below is the glass performance comparison between AGC-Iplus top 1.1 and our W1.1 ,W1.16 coatings:

W1.1 and W1.16 low E coating for greenhouse /conservatory

The best application of of W1.1 and W1.16 low e coating are :

Greenhouse insulated glass

Conservatory insulted glass

Sunroom insulated glass

Villas insulated glass

MORN is your turnkey insulated glass manufacturer and supplier in China,welcome contact us for technical support and glass combination design.

Download this article here:W1.1-and-W1.16-low-E-coating-for-greenhouse-conservatory

Download the W1.1and W1.16 glass performane data here:IPLUS-TOP-1.1-VS-W1.16-GLASS-PERFORMANCE-DATA

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