Unitized curtain wall introduction &installation

The unitized curtain wall assembles the processed various components and facing materials(glass panels,aluminium profiles,sealant etc) into one or more high-rise monolithic panels in the workshop, and then transports them to the construction site for overall lifting, and the pre-set attachments on the main structure of the building are accurate. Connect, if necessary, fine-tune to complete the curtain wall installation。

Unitized curtain wall introduction &installation

Performance description:
1. The unit plates are all assembled in the factory workshop, and the assembly precision is high.
2, the installation speed is fast, the construction period is short, and it is easy to protect the finished product.
3. It can be constructed synchronously with the main structure of civil works, which is beneficial to shorten the overall construction period.
4. The structure adopts the principle of step-by-step decompression, and the drainage system is built in, which has good performance against rainwater leakage and air penetration resistance.
5. The joints of the plates are all sealed with special anti-aging rubber strips, which makes the curtain wall have self-cleaning function and the surface is less polluted.
6. The plates are connected by plug-in connection, which has strong seismic resistance.

Unitized curtain wall introduction &installation

Below video shows how unitized facade panels were assembled in workshop and site installation:

Below video shows how unitized facade panels are adjusted at site:

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