• Decorative cross bars for insulated glass

    Decorative cross bars for insulated glass Most insulated glass are supported by aluminium spacer or stainless steel bar, or warm edge space bar at glass edge to support and bond the glass.This kind insulated glass is widely used in glass facade,high rise glass cladding,while in some small villa,and low rise buildings,clients would like to add cross bars to decorate the glass and make it more beautiful. Decorative cross bar is also made with aluminium profiles,Different from aluminium spacer bar,it’s used…

  • What’s the thermal conductivity measurement unit?

    What’s the thermal conductivity measurement unit? When evaluating the thermal insulation performance of a glass product,we usually know that clear& tinted single piece glass is 5.84,Single silver low-E insulated glass 1.8,and double silver low-E is 1.55-1.65.The lower the value,the better thermal insulation performance the glass has. But What does the value mean and the measurement unit? Actually the measurement unit is W/M2.k,which means watt/square meter/Kelvin,it’s under same confirmed air condition,the heat transfered throught the glass products. While even this measurement…

  • Jinjing upgraded low iron Glass-Zhichun

    Jinjing upgraded low iron Glass-Zhichun The 1st piece low iron glass in China was produced in 2005 by Jinjing Glass Group. In the past 14 years,low iron glass production lines increased from 1 lines to 11 lines,including Jinjing glass group,CSG glass,Xinyi Glass,SYP glass,Yingxin Glass,Ancai glass etc.And low iron glass sales, from less than 2000 tons/month to now 11 lines successive production and consumption-180000 tons/month.The China market witted the growth of China glass market.The Jinjing low iron glass was also used…


    WR70 SLIM PROFILE/FRAME WINDOWS SYSTEM Most China windows systems are designed for high rise buildings,so most aluminium windows&system windows profiles are usually very wide to resist high wind load. In European countries,slim aluminium profile windows system is becoming more and more popular.To meet the requirement of high end slim windows requirement,Morn now is able to cooperate with Waren and supply slimline frame windows to clients. This unique and expertly designed ultra slim window system offers the the perfect combination of…

  • Spider/Railing/Bathroom Hardware

    Spider/Railing/Bathroom Hardware Morn offer all kinds of Spider and handrail hardware made of SUS304, SUS316 for your projects.products including stair handrails,balcony systems,balcony fences,point supported facade spider,point support facade systems,glass panel railing system,frameless glass system,modular railing system,handrail and bracket system,spider fittings,point supported glass system,point supported glass curtain wall system,spider system hardware,spider fitting series,spider glazing,spider fixings ,structural glass wall,tension rod spider,spider glazing curtain wall,spider glazing systems,morn strive to be your best hardware supplier,shower rooms in China. Pointed Supported Glass Facade Spider Fittings:…

  • Tempered glass and NIS

    Tempered glass and NIS Tempered glass is easy to self explosion. “self-explosion” is the unavoidable problem of tempered glass,In fact, tempered glass is not horrible, and the potential self-explosion of tempered glass has always been the focus of attention. Source of nickel in glass 2.1 During the installation process of the float production line, the cleanliness of the nickel compound in the furnace has not received much attention from the float glass producers, mainly including the weld head and welding…

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