Ultra clear PVB for ultra clear laminated glass

Ultra clear PVB for ultra clear laminated glass

Ultra clear glass,or low iron glass has higher transmittance compared with normal clear glass.

It offers elegant crystal like appearance ,but when it was made into low iron PVB laminated glass,the PVB will usually become yellow color and affect the overall light transmittance and appearance especially when 4 or more layer PVB used.

Ultra clear PVB for ultra clear laminated glass

To solve this problem,ultra clear PVB was invented to meet the high transmittance -ultra clear requirement.

Trosifol launched ultra clear PVB,as we can see in the picture,7.6mm(10 layers 0.76mm PVB) made great difference on low iron laminated glass.

Another solution to the yellow color for low iron laminated glass,is to use Dupont SGP interlayer.

Compared with PVB,SentryGlas Plus interlayer offers not only higher laminated glass strength,but also high transmitance and ultra clear color,but the price is about 4 times that of PVB laminated glass.

Morn is your turnkey laminated glass supplier,manufacturer and exporter ,we offer PVB laminated,ultra clear PVB laminated glass,SGP laminated glass for your project,welcome contact us once any requirement.

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