• What’s vacuum glass?

    Vacuum glass is newly developed glass products,even though it’s really new in the market,but is expected to be the best thermal insulation glass products in the future and replace the current insulated glass.This article will introduce the vacuum glass,its advantage and the market in the next years. Then what’s vacuum glass? Same as normal insulated glass,the vacuum glass is also made with 2 pieces single piece glass and spacer.The glass can be clear,low iron glass,silk screen glass,low-E coated glass,or even laminated…

  • What’s the thermal conductivity measurement unit?

    When evaluating the thermal insulation performance of a glass product,we usually know that clear& tinted single piece glass is 5.84,Single silver low-E insulated glass 1.8,and double silver low-E is 1.55-1.65.The lower the value,the better thermal insulation performance the glass has. But What does the value mean and the measurement unit? Actually the measurement unit is W/M2.k,which means watt/square meter/Kelvin,it’s under same confirmed air condition,the heat transfered throught the glass products. While even this measurement unit,there’re many different conditions depend on…

  • Is solar control PVB film really effective in laminated glass?

    Solar control PVB film is used to reduce the solar energy that transmitted the laminated glass.Same as normal PVB film ,solar control PVB film specifications, laminating workmanship is exactly same as normal PVB film. Solutia SG41/SH41 are solar control film produced by Eastman,L-SEC SCF301 and SCF 307 are products of Sekisui. Here we study the film and see if these solar control film is really effective when been applied in laminated glass. Firstly let’s see why Solutia develop solar control…

  • Difference between Single silver low-E,double silver low e and triple silver low e

    Difference between Single silver low-E,double silver low e and triple silver low e Soft coated low e glass is widely used in modern glass curtain wall.But many designers and owners doesn’t know clearly the difference between single silver low e ,double silver low e and triple silver low e. Here we introduce several main difference to help you identify the different low e coating. 1.LSG. LSG is the ratio between the glass light transmittance and SHGC. Double silver low e…

  • Vacuum Insulating Glass – Past, Present and Prognosis

    Copyright:Richard Collins; University of Sydney, First presented at GPD 2017 General description of Vacuum Insulating Glass Vacuum Insulating Glass (VIG), illustrated in Figure 1, is simply conventional insulating glazing (IG) with an evacuated space between the two glass sheets [1, 2, 3]. (Note: Due to space limitations, most of the references in this paper are to review papers, which contain source references.) VIG achieves high levels of thermal insulation using the same principles as the Dewar flask – the vacuum…

  • How to select the right energy efficient glass?

    Architectural glass is widely used in our daily life,such as glass greenhouse/conservatory-Single piece tempered glass,Glass balustrade/canopy-laminated glass,Glass curtain wall-double glazed units.But glass a good thermal conductive material,Heat conduction through the glass occurs every second causing energy loss.In buildings, 1/3 of the energy is lost through the conduction of glass. Energy efficiency has increasingly valued by architects and developers to minimize the energy consumption of the building. 1 Main parameters of glass energy efficiency evaluation There are usually three forms of…

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