MWTE58 VS Solarban 90-Triple silver low e glass performance

Morn building materials,our factory is equipped with the most advanced low-E coating machine.

Recently we have developed our most advanced triple silver low-E coating:MWTE58 and MWTE60,with medium light transmittance and relatively low solar coefficient and SHGC.

Below is glass performance data comparison with PPG Solarban 90.

If you want high performance triple silver low e insulated glass(double glazed units),why not try a cheaper glass supplier option from Morn?

Glass optionThickVisible LightSolar EnergyU value(W/2.K)SCSHGC
(mm)LT %Ref %In %Tsol %Rsol %SummerWinter
6 MWTE58 #2+12A+62452141921351.551.620.290.25
6 MWTE60 #2+12A+62452111321351.551.620.30.26
6 PPG Solarban 80  #2+12A+6245112191.650.260.23

1.Above data are calculated by LBNL Windows 7.5 based on NFRC 100-2010,actual performance may slightly vary.

2.The date provided is intended solely as a guide.No responsibility is accepted or implied by Morn for its use.

3.It is adjustable for the user to conduct an independent lab test before confirmation of item and order to use to avoid any future misunderstanding or argument as each user’s expection is differs from case to case.

4.The tolerance of published date with respect to photometric properties is +/-3 points normally.

Full triple silver low-E performance data,click here:Morn-Triple silver low-E

Morn -Your turnkey architectural glass supplier.

Download this article here:MWTE58-VS-Solarban-90-Triple-silver-low-e-glass-performance

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