• What’s the difference between double glazing and triple glazing?

    Most glass used in facade is double glazed units, which is made of 1 piece low-E coated glass and 1 piece clear glass,the most common glass combination is 6 low-E+12A+6 clear glass. If the low-E coating is double silver low e coated,glass U value is around 1.6W/m2.k,for triple silver low-E the U value is same but will with lower Solar coefficient.Evne if we change the 2nd glass to double silver low-E,the U value won’t change much. With the development of…

  • What’s the best U value of insulated glass?

    Insulated glass is widely used in curtain wall,glass wall ,high rise buildings.The most common glass combination is 6-12A-6 with double silver low-E,U value is around 1.6w/m2.k. Double silver low-E has the highest cost performance.reference price for : single silver low-E IGU- USD22.5/SQM, double silver low-E- USD26.5/SQM, triple silver low-E- USD45/SQM. While passive building is becoming more and more popular in European countries,the passive building windows&doors U value is usually below 0.8w/m2.k and even sometimes below 0.6W/m2.k. Then how we can…

  • Architectural double glazed units/insulated glass

    Introduction of Morn double glazed units/Insulated glass Architectural Insulated Glass Units(double glazed units): Insulated glass,also named insulated double glazing,double glazed panels,or double glazed units,it’s made with 2 lites of single piece glass,clear/tinted/low-E coated/laminated etc and spacer(aluminium,steel,warm edge) ,as well as other accessories(desiccant,silicon)to create a insulated structure glass. The air space between 2 piece glass will increase the thermal insulation performance of the glass and decrease the overall glass U value from 5.84W/m2.K to below 2W/M2.K.When filling argon inside the glass,and…

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