The sun room types and classification

The sun room(or glass conservatory) can be built on the terrace of the duplex building, the private garden,the top floor of the building, private villas and other places. Its building facade even includes the top are glass structures. Because the room require light and ventilated,as well as good sealing effect,the sun room facade and the top are mostly composed of openable doors and windows. The quality of the door and window determines the success of the sun room construction. When designing and building the sun room, the overall shape and structure of the sun room for different purposes should be determined according to the constraints of the surrounding environment and the site.

The sun room types and classification
The types of sunrooms can be divided into two types:in the low-rise and low-density residential courtyards and the top platform of the apartment,considering the limitations of the building’s appearance and the ease of cleaning and maintenance of the top. The design requirements for the sun room in the location are quite different.
Conservatory can be divided into three types: ordinary type, casual type, and functional type.
The common type is mostly used as a small flower house to raise some flowers and fish. Because of the good lighting and ventilation, it is very suitable for the survival and growth of plants.

The sun room types and classification
The leisure sun room is a mid-range sun room. This type of sun room is larger than the average type, and the structure is much better, which is very suitable for villas and private courtyards. Together with the beautiful sunshade, you can become a leisure house by opening the window, where you can place table, fitness equipment and other entertainment and leisure products. On summer evenings, you can lie on the lounge chair and look up at the stars.

The sun room types and classification
The functional sun room is high end sun room. The design and construction technology standard is relatively high, so it is called functional, because it can be used exclusively in special spaces such as hospitality rooms, small restaurants, study rooms or children’s entertainment rooms. Because it is built with higher technical standards, there is no need to worry that the problems of the house itself will affect the specific use. This type of sun room is generally a wood or pure wood frame, plus a multi-layer sun board and laminated insulated glass, solid wood or aluminum-clad wood doors and windows. If you choose plastic steel window, the sealing effect will be better than other doors and windows. This type of sun room can be equipped with special ventilation and shading system to make it more functional and more convenient and practical to use later.

The sun room types and classification
These types of sunrooms can be styled according to the theme of the building, and can be used in a variety of colors and shapes depending on personal preference. For example, the roof that uses the sun slab as the main material of the roof can be curved, octagonal, ridged, and sloped. The glass is used as the main material, and the roof is mostly ridge type, octagonal type and one side slope. Type.

Sun room series
Herringbone sun room
Conical sun room
Arc top glass sun room
Straight slope sun room

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