The shortage of tempered glass

Tempered glass now is the most widely used safety glass,the strength is 3-5 times that of float glass,and once broken,glass will shatter into many small fragments and avoid possible injury.While even if tempered glass safety glass,there’s still some shortage ,here we introduce the shortage of tempered glass;

  1. The tempered glass cannot be cut and processed. The glass can only be processed to the required shape before tempering, and then tempered.Because of this feature,customer shall be very carefully before placing order,to ensure that the glass size is 100% accurate,or the produced glass will be wasted ,and cannot be used any more.The only solution is to break it and used for float glass re-production.

The shortage of tempered glass

  1. Although the strength of tempered glass is stronger than that of float glass and heat strengthened, tempered glass has the possibility of self-explosion when the temperature difference changes greatly (the automatic explosion of tempered glass without direct mechanical external force is called self-explosion of tempered glass), while float glass and heat strengthened glass do not .According to industry experience, the spontaneous breakage rate of tempered glass is about 3~5‰. Spontaneous breakage is an inherent characteristic of tempered glass. The method to reduce the breakage ratio of tempered glass is heat soak test in glass factory,or change the glass to be low iron glass that contains lower Nis and iron in glass.

 3. There will be unevenness on the surface of the tempered glass, and the thickness will be slightly thinner than the thickness before tempering. The reason for the thinning is that after the glass is melted and softened, it is quickly cooled by strong wind, so that the crystal gap inside the glass becomes smaller and the pressure becomes larger, so the glass is thinner after tempering than before. Generally, 4-6MM glass becomes 0.2-0.8MM thinner after tempering, and 8-20MM glass becomes 0.9-1.8MM thinner after tempering. The specific level depends on the equipment, which is why tempered glass cannot be used as a mirror.

  4. The middle part of the tempered glass is the strongest, and the four corners and edges are the weakest. Once the edges or corners are hit, the whole piece of glass is easily broken.

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