The glass and hardware for a simple shower room

The glass and hardware for a simple shower room

Shower room is the most common equipment in every home and house,its component are very simple,just several piece tempered glass safety glass,and hardware accessories.

Here we introduce a simple glass shower room,the room is very simple: One piece fixed glass,one piece movable tempered glass, some hardware accessories:

The glass and hardware for a simple shower room

Glass:Tempered or toughened safety glass is must.The tempered glass has high strength,which can stand very strong impact.The European standard or American standard require glass shall not breakage if a iron ball(weight 1kgs) dropping from 1 meters height. Its strength is 3-5 times that of annealed glass,once broken,the glass will break into numerous small particles, average diameter is below 10mm,and decrease the possible injury to the minimum.

The tempered glass door can be clear tempered,low iron tempered,silk screened if privacy is necessary.Of course ,new digitally printed glass allow clients to have any pictures of patterns on glass and create unique design and appearance.

The glass thickness is usually 8mm,10mm,12mm.For home application,8mm is strong enough.Sometimes ,laminated glass can also be used.

Glass holes:Different from other shower door panels,this style require only 6 holes on tempered glass shower panels to install sliding rollers and stoppers.Notches is not required.

Below is the drawings of this shower door:

The glass and hardware for a simple shower room

Shower door Hardware,the hardware are stainless steel 304 or 316,with mirror finish or stained finish.

  1. Track: The track is stainless steel bar,usually 30*10*1mm,sometimes 1.2mm is also used if glass thickness is big ,or glass panels are very big.The function of the track is for sliding door rollers and other fittings.
  1. Hardware used on glass track.
  2. Door stopper,also named locator,The door stopper is fixed on both end side of the track,which can limit the door max opening width.
  3. Header:Wall to track bracket:Same as the door stopper,it’s used to protect the stainless steel bar and main function is decoration.
  4. Sliding door roller:The sliding door roller is installed on the mobile glass and 2 pieces rollers allow glass move along the track.
  5. Jumping-proof pillar:also named anti-derail fittings.It’s installed below the roller and will prevent the rollers from jumping off from the track.
  6. Pipe clamp.It;s installed on the fixed glass,and join the fixed glass with the track.
  7. Door guider:The door guider is installed at the glass bottom and works as another track guider and prevent glass from moving.
  8. Door handle:The door handle is a round handle with diameter around 42mm.
  9. PVC water proof stripe:
  10. Bottom waterproof bar:Optional.

The glass and hardware for a simple shower room

The structure of this shower room is very simple and overall costs is below USD100/set.Morn can supply the whole set shower doors and accessories,from glass,hardware,to accessories,Morn is your turnkey glass and shower door hardware supplier in China,welcome contact us for more info.

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