The features of double glazed units

The features of insulated glass(double glazed units):

1.Thermal insulation and energy saving.

The glass thermal conductivity is 0.688 while the air thermal conductivity is 0.027,glass has 27 times higher thermal conductivity than air.The air gap between double glazed units can take advantage of the low thermal conductivity inside to decrease thermal conductivity.

To increase the double glazed units thermal insulation performance,glass coatings are suggested to be applied,see how the glass performance will be at here:

Glass Performance Data For Laminated&DGU

2.Low dew point

Because of high insulation performance,the windows can keep higher surface temperature of the inside piece glass to guarantee that no dew.The dew point of double glazed units can reach -40℃。

3.Noise control,acoustic glass,sound control glass

Usually double glazed units can decrease noise by 30dbs.If double glazed units to be filled with argon for other special gas,the glass can decrease 45dbs noise.

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