The application of double glazed units in buildings

In general buildings, the area of windows and doors accounts for 30% of the peripheral structure of the building. The energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for 40% to 50% of the heat loss of the building’s peripheral structure.Therefore, the development of new thermal insulation doors and windows is currently The main direction of the  window and doors industry.

The application of double glazed units in buildings

In the window, the glass area accounts for 58% to 87% of the window area. Because the thermal resistance of float glass is small, single glazing glass is a weak link for window thermal insulation. the application of insulated glass(double glazed units) is an important way to achieve energy efficient in doors and windows.

The most commonly used insulated glass(double glazed units) adopts a aluminum structure. compared with single glazing glass, it has excellent properties such as heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-condensation and frost condensation.

There are two main types of insulated glass: one is a single sealant and the other is a double sealant.  the double sealant IGU production process is to apply butyl on both sides of the aluminum spacer filled with molecular sieve. The edges of the two pieces of glass are bonded together, and then secondary sealant between the two pieces of glass. The aluminum spacer,plays a good supporting role for the two pieces of glass as a desiccant. The molecular sieve ensures the drying of the air inside the insulated glass(double glazed units) and prolongs life of the insulated glass.

The application of double glazed units in buildings

As the best energy efficient building materials for windows and a mature high-tech product, insulated glass has been paid more and more attention. Some smart real estate developers have adopted insulated glass(double glazed units) with excellent sound insulation performance as a new selling point, which has attracted the attention of buyers.

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