The application of aluminium profiles in building

The construction industry is one of the main markets for aluminum profiles. About 20% of the world’s total aluminum production is used in the construction industry. the application of novel architectural products such as colored aluminum profiles, composite aluminum plates, composite door and window frames, and aluminum alloy templates has also increased year by year.

The application of aluminium profiles in building
One of the main advantages of the aluminum alloy profile is corrosion resistance and durability. The aluminum profiles is widely used in environments with high humidity, acid rain, bad climate change or coastal areas. In the building structure, especially in modern high-rise civil buildings and large-scale public buildings with large spans and thin shell structures, the aluminum alloy structure has obvious advantages compared with the steel structure:

Compared with steel, aluminum profiles has good plasticity and formability, and can be processed into various specifications and shapes in large quantities in cold and hot conditions by various pressure processing methods (extrusion, rolling, forging and stamping, etc.). Precision hollow, solid, constant-section, variable-section profiles, pipes, rods, plates, forgings, die forgings and punching parts, etc., and can make the cross-section of the components more reasonable.

Roofing, wall, door and window, skeleton, reticulated structure, grid structure, glass curtain wall system, canopy, communication tower, pedestrian bridge, interior and exterior decorative panels, partitions, ceilings,railings for industrial and civil buildings Handrails, interior furniture, decorative materials and structural components, store containers, and construction templates are widely used and have achieved good results.

As a semi-permanent structure, building aluminum profiles are essential for durability. We know that aluminum alloy profiles are divided into base materials, anodized profiles, aluminum profile electrophoretic paint profiles, powder coated aluminium profiles, PVDF coated aluminium profiles,thermal break aluminium profiles and so on. For users in coastal areas, it is best to choose electrophoretic painted aluminum profiles, powder coated aluminum profiles or PVDF aluminum profiles with good corrosion resistance.

The application of aluminium profiles in building

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