The advantages of insulated glass in curtain wall

The advantages of insulated glass in curtain wall

  1. Superior energy-saving effect: Modern building energy consumption is mainly air conditioning and lighting. The former accounts for 55% of energy consumption, the latter accounts for 23% of energy consumption, and glass is the thinnest and most heat-transferable material in the exterior wall of buildings. Insulated glass creates a air barrier between the extrior and indoor and the temperature insulation performance is excellent.
  2. High soundproof performance: Insulated glass can reduce noise by 27-40 decibels, and 80 dB of traffic noise outside can be decreased to only 50 dBs to indoor.
    Eliminate frost: The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, and the single layer of glass will frost. Insulated glass, because the inner glass that is in contact with the indoor air is affected by the air barrier, even if the outer layer contact is low, there is no condensation on the glass surface due to the temperature difference. Insulated glass dew point up to -70 ° C .
  3. Increased wind pressure resistance: The curtain wall is mainly subjected to wind loads, and the wind pressure resistance becomes the main indicator of the curtain wall. The wind-resistant strength of insulated glass is 15 times that of single glass.
  4. The glass is not easy to self-explosion: the production method of the insulated glass is the bonding method, which is cold processing, the internal stress of the original glass sheet is not changed, and the surrounding is sealed with an elastic material, and the glass is not easy to self-explosion.
  5. The glass coating does not fall off: the metal film surface of the coated glass cannot be exposed to the air for a long time, and the metal film surface of the coated insulated glass never falls off in the dry sealed air.
  6. The original glass will not burst: in the air-conditioned room, the outside of the summer single glass is exposed to the sun, collecting heat, there is a temperature difference inside and outside the glass, when the temperature difference is too large, the glass will burst. This phenomenon exists in insulated glass.
    The scope of application of insulated glass: doors and windows,skylights, ceilings, schools that need sound insulation, hospitals, stadiums, televisions, broadcasting studios, etc., also used in refrigeration appliances, airplanes, ships, locomotives and other fields

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The advantages of insulated glass in curtain wall

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