The advantage of glass greenhouse

The advantage of glass greenhouse

Glass greenhouses are expensive compared with other greenhouses and are suitable for large-scale ecotourism parks. The glass greenhouse has beautiful appearance, smooth visual flow, strong wind load capacity and large displacement, and is suitable for areas with high wind and rainfall. Here are the advantages and uses of the glass greenhouse:

The advantage of glass greenhouse

Advantages of the glass greenhouse:

1. Evenly distributed light in the room: the triangular roof of the large slope (that is, there is only one triangular roof in one span), the backlight slope will form a large shadow in the glass greenhouse, and the plant growth in this area is poor. The small sloped triangular roof allows for even light distribution.

2, low heat consumption: relatively large slope triangular roof glass greenhouse, under the same building area, the same height, the same outer protection area, small slope roof glass greenhouse construction space is small, so the heat consumption is small.

3, anti-drip function: In the cold weather season, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, so the glass greenhouse roof is prone to condensate. Due to the small slope of the small triangular roof, the condensed water has flowed into the aluminum material collecting the condensed water at the level of the water that has not accumulated to the next drop, preventing the condensed water droplets from causing foliar diseases.

4. Easy greenhouse maintenance: Due to the small slope, the maintenance and cleaning work of the roof is easy.

5. The glass greenhouse adopts hot-dip galvanized steel frame, which is sturdy and durable, and has strong wind and pressure resistance.

6, using glass as the greenhouse covering material, good light transmittance, good sealing, thermal insulation wall, high ornamental.

7. Large-span apex design, large indoor operation space, high utilization rate of glass greenhouse, and good display effect.The advantage of glass greenhouse

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