The advantage of diffused glass in Greenhouse

The advantage of diffused glass in Greenhouse

Glass has been used as primary glazing materials for greenhouse for long times because of its high light transmittance and longevity.Compared with other glazing materials, glass has high price and has poor thermal insulation properties.Although glass high daylight transmits , most of that light penetrates through the glazing directly;only little are diffused light. Therefore, glass-glazed greenhouse has better lighting than most other glazing choices, on sunny days the uniformity of that light is poor since the structure and overhead obstructions (heat pipes, hanging baskets, etc.) solid distinct shadows on crops below.

The advantage of diffused glass in Greenhouse

Diffused glass is usually low iron patterned glass that scattering the sunshine. A challenge is to prevent dust from accumulating without scratching the glass.AR coatings was developed to increase the light transmittance once again and keep glass surface cleaning.
Compared with clear glass, diffused glass can:

Increase the uniformity of the greenhouse climate, particularly temperature and light  conditions
Increase fruit production (by five to ten percent) of high-wire tomato and cucumber crops
Increase flowering and decrease production time.

The advantage of diffused glass in Greenhouse

Diffused glass is more expensive than regular clear glass,but the advantages is definitely worth the cost;
a Dutch academic recently said that 90% greenhouses  in  Holland (many of that are for vegetable crops) have diffused glass.

Glass is widely used glazing material in Netherlands , together with areas a lot of northern latitude (Amsterdam is 52°N latitude; for comparison, Calgary city in Canada is 51°N latitude), the large scale production of high-light requiring crops like tomato and rose, their relatively gentle winters, and typical year-round production.

The benefits of diffused glass is more pronounced in regions with ample sunny weather because that clouds already scatter daylight.For tall crops or those with a dense cover. High-wire crops like tomato and pepper would particularly profit, since a lot of lightweight would reach leaves deeper into the tall canopies. within the u. s., growers ought to weigh the benefits of subtle glass with its value considering their location, production periods, and kinds of crops fully grown.

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