• The glass and hardware for a simple shower room

    The glass and hardware for a simple shower room Shower room is the most common equipment in every home and house,its component are very simple,just several piece tempered glass safety glass,and hardware accessories. Here we introduce a simple glass shower room,the room is very simple: One piece fixed glass,one piece movable tempered glass, some hardware accessories: Glass:Tempered or toughened safety glass is must.The tempered glass has high strength,which can stand very strong impact.The European standard or American standard require glass…

  • Safety glass types

    Safety glass types There are currently four types of safety glass on the market: tempered glass, laminated glass,heat strengthened laminated glass, and tempered laminated glass. Laminated glass peis more expensive, while tempered glass is relatively cheap. 1.Tempered glass When the tempered glass is broken, the entire glass is broken into small particles, which can minimize the damage to people. It’s widely used in shower rooms,facade spandrel,glass table,balustrades etc. 2.Laminated glass As a kind of safety glass, laminated glass has the…

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