• how much glass a container can load

    how much glass a container can load Many customers are confused how much glass a container can load ,as the forwarder fees,including the trailer fees is about USD750,The more glass are loaded,the less unit price.Shipping fees varies from USD150-USD4000 depending on different destinations.Even for same destination port,shipping fees for 20’GP,20’OT,40’GP,40HQ,40’OT price are totally different,some times it’s 2-3 times difference.So Maximize the glass quantity to be loaded into one container and decrease the unit logistic fees is really important. Note:Here we…

  • Safety glass types

    Safety glass types There are currently four types of safety glass on the market: tempered glass, laminated glass,heat strengthened laminated glass, and tempered laminated glass. Laminated glass peis more expensive, while tempered glass is relatively cheap. 1.Tempered glass When the tempered glass is broken, the entire glass is broken into small particles, which can minimize the damage to people. It’s widely used in shower rooms,facade spandrel,glass table,balustrades etc. 2.Laminated glass As a kind of safety glass, laminated glass has the…

  • How the glass U value been affected by the installation angle?

    How the glass U value been affected by the installation angle? In most projects,glass is installed vertically.With high performance silver low-E coating,the insulated glass on the vertical facade will decrease the solar energy transmitted the glass,and save air conditioner heating and cooling fees. While many architects have designed many unique facades,the facade is not 90° vertically,but with some slopes,and glass is also used in skylight to get more light transmittance.But will the insulated glass thermal insulation performance change in this…

  • How to confirm the best PVB thickness for your project?

    How to confirm the best PVB thickness for your project? Laminated glass is widely used in buildings,but confirming the best PVB thickness for your project to save the most costs and guarantee the glass quality is quite important. PVB thickness are usually 0.38mm,0.76mm,1.14mm,1.52mm,2.28mm.Here is a guideline -PVB interlayer thickness for different laminated glass-Annealed laminated glass,tempered laminated glass,heat strengthened laminated glass,curved laminated glass. Bulletproof glass,aquarium glass,and multi layer laminated glass are excluded. 1.Annealed laminated glass Glass Types Glass thickness PVB thickness…

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