• Glass processing-Special glass tempering

    Glass processing-Special glass tempering Glass factories will encounter many irregular tempered glass orders,for these special orders,tempering operator should pay attention to below points and ensure good tempering quality. 1.Glass with holes and notches The holes position,diameter and notches should follow below requirement,or the glass will be easy to break during tempering process. a.Distance between hole edge to glass edge should be at least 1.5 times that of glass thickness_3-6mm. Distance between hole edge to glass edge should be at least…

  • Glass Processing-DAYCO PROJECT

    Glass Processing-DAYCO PROJECT Dayco project is our newest point supported glass facade ,with 12mm clear tempered glass panel and 19mm clear tempered glass fin. Let’s see the glass effect: 1.19mm tempered glass fin-polished edge, the irregular shape glass brings difficulty to the polishing process,but no problem for us,check the shining polished edge. 2.19mm tempered glass fin- Drilling holes The holes is near the glass edge,so we use notches to avoid partial stress concentration. 3.Tempered glass fin- Round corners +notches,perfect work…

  • Factors that affect tempered glass flatness

    Factors that affect tempered glass flatness   The heat treated glass is not as flat as float glass,the uneven ,both glass overall bow and local bow will cause visual distortion after glass was installed.If made into laminated glass,the overall thickness of laminated glass is different,the uneven will cause bubbles at glass edge or center and affect laminated glass quality.For insulated glass,the uneven PIB cause poor sealing quality,and somewhere will cause the installation. The reasons cause glass flatness problem is: 1.1…

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