Tempered glass and NIS

Tempered glass and NIS

Tempered glass is easy to self explosion. “self-explosion” is the unavoidable problem of tempered glass,In fact, tempered glass is not horrible, and the potential self-explosion of tempered glass has always been the focus of attention.

Tempered glass and NIS

Source of nickel in glass

2.1 During the installation process of the float production line, the cleanliness of the nickel compound in the furnace has not received much attention from the float glass producers, mainly including the weld head and welding slag left after the steel structure in the furnace has been welded. Rationally speaking, it is normal for a seam to produce hundreds or even tens of thousands of small nickel compounds during welding. In fact, this also directly affects the nickel content of the float glass produced by the entire furnace. A good view of the tempered glass on the surface may shorten its service life by containing nickel sulfide greater than 60 μm.

Tempered glass and NIS

2.2 Raw materials are also a problem that cannot be ignored. The components of float glass are quartz sand (silica sand), soda ash, thenardite, dolomite, feldspar (potassium feldspar, albite), limestone, flux, clarifier, colorant. , broken glass, etc., mainly found in silica sand, dolomite, feldspar, a trace of nickel.

The glass contains nickel sulfide crystals. NiS (nickel sulfide) has a phase transition process at 379 ° C. When the high-temperature α-NiS crystal system is changed to the low-temperature β-NiS crystal system, the volume expands by 2% to 4%. And the surface is rough. If these impurities are in the tensile stress zone of the tempered glass, volume expansion may cause spontaneous bursting.

Glass deep processing enterprises will have heat soak test on after the tempering process, effectively reducing the probability of self-explosion.

Tempered glass and NIS

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