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Technical support offered by Morn Building Materials.

Technical parameters appears more frequently in the facade technical specifications.

While most of them are world famous brands such as SSG,Guardian,Viracon,PPG,etc.Contact Morn if you feel them over budget,or long delivery time,Morn will help finding the best matching glass you require through newest software: Windows 7.7 and optics 6.

You can also download the necessary software used to calculated the glass performance data:

Lbnl windows
Lbnl windows


1. Windows 7.7.01 Beta
Calculating total window thermal performance indices ,developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

2. OPTICS 6.0
Tool for manipulating optical layers and calculating spectral data for different stacks of optical elements.developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

3. IGDB Version 63.0
A collection of optical data for glazing products. Spectral transmittance and reflectance is measured in a spectral photometer and contributed to the IGDB by the manufacturer of the glazing product subject to a careful review.

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