• Stick curtain wall installation-Hidden frame wall

    Stick curtain wall installation-Hidden frame wall Stick curtain wall is the most traditional curtain wall types, in this system the frame verticals or the mullions and the glass panels are erected and connected piece by piece.The vertical mullions are attached first to the floor slabs and then the horizontal mullions are fixed to the vertical mullions. The glass panel between the vertical and the horizontal mullions along with the spandrel are installed into the erected grid work. Stick curtain wall…

  • Architectural Heat Strengthened Glass

    Architectural Heat strengthened glass: Processed by tempering oven through 670-720 degree heating and cool down with wind, but different from toughened, the cooling process is much slower. Before process, monolithic glass can be enhanced: ♦ Appearance enhancement: Enhancement- Appearance ♦ Color Enhancement: Enhancement- Color ♦ Performance Enhancement: Enhancement-coating Features: ♦ 2 times strength high than float glass. ♦ Radial shards after breaking,but can keep glass integrity ♦ No spontaneous breakage. Applications: As architectural heat strengthened glass has higher strength and no spontaneous breakage…

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