Solar glass/Photovoltaic glass classification

Solar glass/Photovoltaic glass classification

As new energy,solar glass is now widely used in building curtain wall, photovoltaic roof, sunshade, solar power system and many other fields.Here we illustrate the classification of the solar glass:

Solar glass is divided into two categories, one is ultra-white rolled glass used in crystalline silicon cells, and the other is applied to thin-film batteries.

1.Traditional solar glass with silicon cells.

Solar glass/Photovoltaic glass classification

The glass is made with ultra clear rolled glass to take the most advantage of solar,the back side can be also glass panels or back opaque panels.The cells is laminated inside with PVB or EVA film.The generated power can reach 180-200W/M2.

Monocrystalline Silicon cells & Polycrystalline Silicon cells are the 2 main cells used. Polycrystalline Silicon cells can generate more power in areas with more cloudy or rainy days.

Solar glass/Photovoltaic glass classification

But as this solar panels is made of 2+2, 3.2+3.2 glass,overall thickness is below 10mm,if applied in building curtain wall or skylight,the glass wind load and live load,glass strength is less than design requirement.The standard size solar panels is made with machines while machines cannot transfer very heavy glass,so when applied in facade or skylight,glass thickness will increase ,and cells configuration can change according to design and achieve different transparency requirement.

Solar glass/Photovoltaic glass classification

Solar glass/Photovoltaic glass classification

Photovoltaic glass mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) high absorption rate of sunlight and low reflectivity;

(2) high mechanical strength for destructive external forces such as freezing rain, rain, snow, hail, dust storm;

(3) Acid rain and corrosive gases in the air have certain anti-corrosion properties;

(4) The long-term exposure of photovoltaic glass to natural conditions, its ability to not deform for a long time.

2.New BIPV coated glass on glass facade/skylight

As the traditional silicon cells are opaque,when applied on building facade or skylight,the opaque areas will be very ugly,so new coated solar glass was developed .It can be made into laminated glass,laminated insulated glass to achieve better thermal insulation effect.

a.Amorphous silicon glass

Solar glass/Photovoltaic glass classification

b.CdTe Glass

Solar glass/Photovoltaic glass classification

c.copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin-film solar cells

Solar glass/Photovoltaic glass classification

With the development of new technology,more and more solar glass was innovated and been applied on buildings&solar power stations to generate power and contribute to a clean earth.

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