Smart Glass

Smart glass,also named PDLC smart privacy glass,it’s new products that can adjust the glass light transmittance from clear to opaque by power.

It’s made by laminating PDLC smart film inside laminated glass,which can be only used in new projects.With the technology development,new smart film that can be sticked on already installed glass or windows was developed.It’s self adhesive film that be used in built projects which offers more option and save much costs for clients.

Smart Glass

Main advantages:

1.Privacy protection. As most important function, smart glass can be changed from transparent to opaque via easy model ON & OFF.

2. Perfect function of safety. As smart glass is a special kind of laminated glass, it has all the good function of the laminated glass, mainly the security.

3. Blocks more than 99% UV rays ,avoiding fading in the room.

4. Sound proof. With excellent damping action, the smart glass is easy to block the noise.

5.Projection. When it is under suitable light, the perfect projection appears.

6.No trouble of curtain setting and cleaning.

7.With a modern looking, very good for interior design.

Smart Glass

PDLC film for privacy protection and energy saving

Currently, this product has been widely applied in the windows&doors, bath room, shower enclosure,glass partition,conference room, villas,insurance companies, supermarket ,hotels, restaurants, churches and command centers. PDLC film applying in luxury hotels, flats and family shower rooms can turn to transparent or opaque easily according to user’s need, which not only ensures personal privacy, but also adds more zest for life.
Smart Glass
Morn now is able to supply all kinds of PDLC smart glass or smart film,welcome contact us for more info.


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