Mirror is used in every family,the most common used mirror is silver mirror,aluminium mirror,copper free mirror.Now days with the development of customers,new LED smart mirror is developed to meet the high end requirement of hotels,houses,villas. LED mirror ,or LED smart mirror component: Mirror: The perfect mirror used is copper free mirror,5mm is enough to meet daily requirement. Round corners and straight corners are used according to the final shape of mirrors. Mirror colors, clear mirror,bronze mirror,gray mirror,any color is OK…

  • What’s the difference between silver mirror and aluminium mirror?

    Silver mirror and aluminium mirror is widely used in furniture,arts,interior decoration,shower rooms,autos. Thickness varies from 1.1mm to 8mm,and Max size 3660*2440mm,the mirror is not only clear color,but also bronze,grey,green,blue colors to achieve different decorative effects. While as silver mirror and aluminium mirror are very similar and clients cannot identify silver mirror and aluminium mirror very clearly,here we offer several methods to identify silver mirror and aluminium mirror. 1.Definition. Silver mirror definition is much higher and clear than aluminium mirror. The…

  • Glass classification common sense ,Features and ,application

    Glass classification common sense ,Features and ,application Glass is usually used in the home decoration. The effect of glass is also different depending on the type of glass. If the  clear transparent float glass window is replaced with colored glass such as blue or green or brown in the decoration, The following small tips will introduce you to the decorative material – glass. Tinted glass also known as endothermic glass, which usually blocks about 50% of sunlight. For example, 6 mm…

  • Creative Architectural Glass

    Introduction of Morn creative glass Morn offers Clear float glass,low iron float glass, tinted glass,aluminium/silver mirror as well if required. Beside traditional architectural glass, Morn devote to developing more new creative architrectural glass products, containing: ♦ EVA Laminated Glass ♦ Smart Glass ♦ Back Paint Glass ♦ Decorative Mirrors ♦ Carton packed shower rooms ♦ Fire Proof Glass ♦ Bullet Proof Glass ♦ Blind Glass ♦ Double Curved Glass ♦ To be continued China Morn Building Materials-Your Turnkey Architectural Glass Partner

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