Silk screen /ceramic frit glass

Silk-screening ceramic frit onto glass panels allows designers create unique appearance using patterns and color. Silk screening process is similar as heat treated glass(tempered or heat strengthened) but before heat treating process,ceramic frit inks is applied to the glass surface by silk screen and the tempering process will bond the inks to the glass permanently ,so different from back painted glass ,the patterns or colors will last lifetime and won’t fade or disappear during the glass lifetime.

Silk screen /ceramic frit glass
Ceramic frit glass is widely used in handrails,balustrades,glass spandrel and some areas which require privacy.

When designing with silk-screen patterns, it is important to select the pattern (screen), select the color for the pattern and identify the
pattern orientation.
The silk screen patterns include lines,dots,graduated patterns,and custom patterns.Coverage rate can range from 0 to 100% opaque.

Silk screen /ceramic frit glass
Ceramic frit inks color:Clients are required to specify the RAL color code,we’ll adjust the color for you.There’s special color that can be offered by Morn is,we have translucent silk screen inks to simulate acid etching effects.
Silk screen side:
For monolithic:Glass surface #2 is recommended.
For laminated glass and insulated glass:Surface #2,#3,#4 are all OK.
But please note if applied on insulated glass surface #3 or #4,the silk screen can be almost invisible viewing from the outside as the low e coating reflective color can affect the ceramic frit color reflectance.

Silk screen /ceramic frit glass
Silk-screened glass improves solar control performance and can be combined with clear or tinted glass substrates, as well as with high-performance coatings to reduce glare and decrease solar transmission.

The shortage of silk screen glass is the patterns and colors are limited ,it’s can only be used for simple uniform pattern and color applications,if you want multi color and unique patterns on glass surface,please try digitally printed glass as option.

Morn is your turnkey silk screen glass supplier,we offer all kinds of ceramic frit patterns and colors for options,but most times we welcome customs patterns and colors to create unique project.

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