Shower door glass types

Shower door glass types

More and more people and hotels use frameless shower rooms,it create a clean and bright environment for your shower space,here is a summary of glass types for your shower rooms:

1.Clear tempered glass.

Clear Tempered glass is the most widely used glass in shower room.

The advantage is high strength,the strength of tempered glass is 3-5 times that of clear float glass,the glass will become small fragments that don’t cause injury,relative low price and easy production.

Shower door glass types

While the disadvantage is,there’ll be self explosion possibility after installation.To solve this problem,some high end shower door brands use heat soaked glass to decrease the self explosion possibility.

Available glass thickness:8mm clear tempered glass,10mm-3/8′ clear tempered glass,12mm-1/2′ clear tempered glass.

2.Low iron tempered glass.

Compared with normal clear tempered glass,low iron tempered glass,or ultra clear tempered glass is higher grade option,it’s color is not like that green ,creating better visual effect.

Of course,the spontaneous breakage ratio of low iron tempered glass is much lower.

Shower door glass types

3.Patterned glass.

Both clear and low iron one are transparent,while patterned glass can create a private environment to protect your privacy.

The disadvantage is ,the glass price is higher and have limited thickness options,usually the maximum thickness is 8mm.

Shower door glass types

4.Smart glass:

Smart glass is new generation glass,when turn on,the glass will be transparent,and when turn off the electric,the glass will be diffused or translucent to protect your privacy.

Shower door glass types

Despite above mentioned glass types,more and more process or technology are applied on the glass to create better visual effect.

a.Silk screen glass:it’s usually some small white dots to be screened on glass surface.

Shower door glass types

b.Digitally printed glass:Using the most advanced digital printing technology,you can print whatever you want on the glass,just like printing paper.

Shower door glass types

c.Self cleaning glass:It’s applied on glass surface and make the glass very easy to clean.

Shower door glass types

d.laminated glass:Laminated glass is safety glass which can replace normal tempered glass to offer better safety ensure.

e.Curved glass or J shape curved glass,it’s shape is different from traditional flat glass to fit different requirement and the rooms shape.

Shower door glass types

Morn is your turnkey shower door glass supplier from China,we can supply whatever glass products you want on your shower rooms.

Welcome contact us for more info.

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