Shahe Glass, a magical architectural glass industry chain



Shahe Glass, a magical architectural glass industry chain

Shahe, is just a small county in Hebei province,total population-420,000,Most Chinese don’t know where is this county.But by now,there’re more than 30 glass manufacturers there with 46 float glass lines,annual output accounts for 10% of world total output.Also more than 600 further processing factories in Shahe turn glass to building glass,mirrors.

Shabo glass group contains more than 10 largest shahe manufacturers,including Anquan,Yingxin,Haisheng,Changcheng etc.

Shahe glass is famous for it’s low quality,low price even though they’re improving every year.The manufacturer’s quotation(Jan 29th) for clear float glass is USD145/MT,unbelievable low,but this cannot attract the processor’s interests as the decreased requirement from real estate and approaching spring festival.
The main sales depend on some low end processors,export and mirror industry.

China Glass Storage
China Glass Storage

So,today let’s talk about the development of the industry there.

1.The start stage(1980-2000)
Shahe glass starts from 1980s,when China just started reform and opening policies.The 1st factory was built in a townlet,by 1987,more factories were established. At this stage,Shahe produce recycled glass by horizontal sheet process,by the end of 2000,more than 150 horizontal sheet production line.

2.Reform stage(2001-2005)
In 1996,the 1st sheet glass line started production,During this 5 years,the reform the production line from horizontal to use glaverbel glass(sheet glass) production process,and in 2001,the 1st float glass line was built.

3.Improving stage(2006-2010)
Large scale float glass lines were established during this 5 years.

4.Transforming stage.(2011-2015)
In this stage,Shahe started “3 transformation”,from glass sheet to further processing,from low-End to high end,from normal building glass to safety glass,energy-saving glass,art glass.

Float glass export
Float glass export

In the next several years,more high-tech glass and processed glass will be produced there,as the float glass consumption cannot catch the production speed,some manufacturers will be eliminated and turn to some field with higher profit.

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