Self-Cleaning glass -Enduro Shield

Self-Cleaning glass -Enduro Shield

Enduro shield is our supplier for self-cleaning glass.

EnduroShield® for Glass is an optically clear protective coating that chemically bonds to the surface, creating a non-stick barrier resistant to corrosion, etching, and staining. However, while cleaning is made easier and less frequent, the need to clean is not eliminated. Treated glass becomes both hydrophobic and oleophobic (water and oil repellent) protecting against most forms of dirt, minerals and grime.

Self cleaning glass is processed by spaying the Enduro Shield glass treatment onto the glass panels in factory,turning ordinary glass into easy-clean, non-stick surfaces which provides protection against cement slurry during construction,and reduced ongoing maintenance costs for building owners.
Self cleaning glass is increasingly being used on architectural and exterior glass products including:

• Commercial & Residential
Insulated Glass units
• Curtain Walls
• Windows and Doors
• Railings and Balustrades
• Mirrors
• Shower Glass

Self-Cleaning glass -Enduro Shield


a.EnduroShield is not a traditional coating that sits on the glass, but instead chemically bonds with it, becoming a permanent extension to the surface.It does not require regular revitalizer
products to maintain performance over the clearly stated lifetime of the product.

b.Glass is porous and as a result absorbs contaminants and pollution which causes deterioration and discoloration. The deterioration of the surface makes cleaning more frequent and much more difficult. EnduroShield seals the porosity of the glass, and protects against deterioration.

EnduroShield’s performance passed all tested through TÜV Rhineland,All testing was carried out to simulate a lifetime of 10 years on glass for both interior and exterior use.

Learn morn about Enduro shield,click here: Enduro shield-self cleaning glass

MORN BM is your turnkey self-cleaning glass manufacturer and supplier from China,welcome contact us for more info.

Self-Cleaning glass -Enduro Shield

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