• Coating types on Glass

    The original function of glass,is just covering, protect the house from rains,snows,winds,With the development of technology,many kinds of coatings are developed to suite different requirement,such as energy saving,thermal insulation,etc.This article will guide you the coating types and the function of coatings. Energy Saving ,thermal insulation coatings The energy consumed by the air conditioners account most building energy consumption.Single piece glass U value reaches 5.8W/,M2.K,.Modern buildings especially high rise commercial buildings require energy saving glass to save costs.The energy saving coatings…

  • Self-Cleaning glass -Enduro Shield

    Enduro shield is our supplier for self-cleaning glass. EnduroShield® for Glass is an optically clear protective coating that chemically bonds to the surface, creating a non-stick barrier resistant to corrosion, etching, and staining. However, while cleaning is made easier and less frequent, the need to clean is not eliminated. Treated glass becomes both hydrophobic and oleophobic (water and oil repellent) protecting against most forms of dirt, minerals and grime. Self cleaning glass is processed by spaying the Enduro Shield glass…

  • Shower door glass types

    More and more people and hotels use frameless shower rooms,it create a clean and bright environment for your shower space,here is a summary of glass types for your shower rooms: 1.Clear tempered glass. Clear Tempered glass is the most widely used glass in shower room. The advantage is high strength,the strength of tempered glass is 3-5 times that of clear float glass,the glass will become small fragments that don’t cause injury,relative low price and easy production. While the disadvantage is,there’ll…

  • Architectural Self-cleaning glass

    Introduction of Morn self-cleaning glass With the increasing requirement for architectural easy-cleaning glass ,such as glass shower room,ventilated  glass facade,outer lite of windows, Morn promoted new product:Architectural self-cleaning glass. The Nano coating on glass can last 3 years ,during the lifetime the hydrophobic coating can protect the glass free from dirt and grime,save your time and money. The biggest advantage is low costs compared with world brand products,Morn self-cleaning glass is just USD3/SQM high than untreated glass. Click here for self-cleaning…

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