Safety Glass

Safety glass can be divided into two categories: tempered glass and laminated glass.

Tempered glass is made by passing the ordinary glass through a heat treatment process to increase its strength by 3-5 times, and can withstand an external impact or temperature difference of a certain energy without breaking, even if it is broken, the whole piece of glass is broken into  small particles&fragments. It will not cause injury, so it has certain security. Tempered glass can not be cut, it needs to be cut before tempering, and has “self-explosion” characteristics.

Safety Glass

According to different uses, tempered glass can be divided into all types of tempered glass, heat strengthened glass, regional tempered glass, flat tempered glass, and curved tempered glass.

Tempered glass is mainly used in doors and windows of automobiles, trains, ships and buildings.

Laminated glass is a laminated glass composed of two or more sheets of glass bonded together by a transparent bonding material (elastic intermediate layer). Because the bonding material has good impact resistance and bonding performance, when the glass is broken by external impact, the external impactor will not penetrate the glass, and the glass fragments will not fly out and hurt, thereby ensuring safety effect.

Safety Glass

Basic function of laminated safety glass

Laminated glass, composed of two glass layers, is the simplest laminated glass and has the following four functions:

  1. Safety .When the external impact is caused, the elastic intermediate layer absorbs the impact, which can prevent the impact from penetrating. Even if the glass is broken, only a small crack like a spider web is generated, and the fragments are firmly adhered to the middle. On the floor, it will not fall off and hurt people, and can continue to use until replacement.

2, anti-theft laminated glass is very tough, even if the thieves cracked the glass, because the middle layer is firmly adhered to the glass, still maintain the integrity, so that the thieves can not enter the room. After installing the laminated glass, the guardrail can be omitted, which saves money and looks good and can get rid of the feeling of the cage.

Safety Glass

3, sound insulation Because the PVB interlayer film has a damping function for sound waves, laminated glass can effectively suppress the propagation of noise, especially in buildings located at airports, stations, downtown and roads, after installing laminated glass, its sound insulation effect is very obvious.

4, UV protection performance PVB interlayer film can absorb more than 99% of ultraviolet light, thus protecting indoor furniture, plastic products, textiles, carpets, art, ancient artifacts or commodities from UV radiation and fading and aging.

Morn is glass specialist and can supply all kinds of EN/SGCC certified safety glass.

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