Safety glass types

There are currently four types of safety glass on the market: tempered glass, laminated glass,heat strengthened laminated glass, and tempered laminated glass. Laminated glass peis more expensive, while tempered glass is relatively cheap.

Safety glass types
1.Tempered glass
When the tempered glass is broken, the entire glass is broken into small particles, which can minimize the damage to people.
It’s widely used in shower rooms,facade spandrel,glass table,balustrades etc.
2.Laminated glass
As a kind of safety glass, laminated glass has the following characteristics:
① Laminated glass will not splash or fall after being broken by impact.
② Due to the adhesion of the PVB film sandwiched between two pieces of ordinary glass of laminated glass, when laminated glass is not broken like ordinary glass, sharp fragments will be generated, which will hurt people.
③ The PVB interlayer film of laminated glass has the properties of sound insulation and sunlight control, so it can not only block noise, but also block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays and absorb heat in the infrared spectrum.
Laminated glass is usually 6.38,8.38,10.38,12.76, which is made with 2 pieces thin float glass and 0.38/0.76mm PVB interlayer,customers can cut easily at site to fit different windows siz es.
3.Heat srengthened laminated glass
Heat strengthened laminated glass is a glass material formed by sandwiching two pieces of heat strengthened glass. Large pieces of glass generated when the glass breaks will adhere firmly to the transparent bonding material without splashing or falling.
It’s widely used in high rise buildings and made into laminated insulated glass to increase glass safety and won’t fall in case glass is broken.
4. Tempered laminated glass
Tempered laminated glass is safety glass formed by two pieces of tempered safety glass. When broken, the glass will break into obtuse small particles. The debris will adhere firmly to the transparent bonding material, and it is also not easy to hurt people.
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