Safety Enhancement

Glass is easy to break and cause injuries,over decades manufacturers developed new technology to increase glass strength and safety performance.

Glass facade is applied in worldwide skyscrapers,below suggestions are recommended to ensure the safety of your glass curtain wall.

Monolithic: Heat treatment

Heat strengthened glass,tempered  glass has higher strengthen than anneal glass.

GlassSurface PressureHeat ResistanceBreakageStrength
Float Glass15Mpa<100Shards1
Heat Strengthened24-60Mpa100℃Radial shard2
Toughened≥90Mpa200℃Fairly small pieces3-5
Heat Soaked≥90Mpa200℃Fairly small pieces3-5

MORN Glass Furniture Chair
MORN Heat treated glass strength
Annealing vs tempering

More details ,click here: Heat treated Explosion-Proof film

The apply of explosion-proof film will increase glass strengthen,keep glass integrity and decrease possible injuries.,99% UV resistance to prolong interior furniture long life.Morn can supply glass with 3M,Mr Film brands explosion-proof film to become shattering proof glass.


Safety Glass

PVB or other films inside laminated keep glass integrity and enhance glass safety significantly.
More details click here: Laminated glass.

While some special applications ,For example glass floors,glass bridge,need higher structural strength even if glass broken.
Structural glass/safety glass-Dupont SGP/SentryGlas Plus and Eastman DG41 solve this concern perfectly.
It can be applied as Hurricane glass,glass bridge,glass floors,laminated glass staircase or structural glazing applications.


SGP interlayer specification

Difference between PVB,EVA,SGP laminated glass

PVB laminated glass VS SGP laminated glass

MORN SentryGlas lainated glass floor
MORN High strength Laminated Glass Staircases
               SGP Laminated glass staircase/structural Glass

Insulated glass can combine heat treated glass and laminated glass, make into:
Insulating Laminated –For overhead glazing
Laminated Insulating–For general glazing
Triple Insulating –For passive building&super energy-saving
Double Laminated Insulating –For protective glazing

Laminated insulated glass
Laminated DGU


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