PVB/SGP interlayer shear modulus

If two sheets of glass, lying on top of one another, are placed under load, they will start to bend (distort) independently. Dis-placement occurs between the two inner surfaces, which are in direct contact with each other. This is because one of the two surfaces is being stretched while the other
is being compressed. If both sheets are laminated with an adhesive polymer interlayer,this must be able to internally compensatefor the distortional differences (i.e. absorbshear forces).

For designers of architectural glazing, it is therefore important to assess the likeli-hood of achieving full design load at the design temperature and load duration. How can structural designers ensure that the specified laminated safety glass interlayer is capable of meeting the design specification and building codes? The appropriate elastic property values need to be selected for thedesign case and assigned to an effective elastic interlayer.

The shear modulus describes the material’s response to shearing strains. long-term loads. As a result, two glass sheets laminated together using PVB – and exposed to a long-term flexural load – behave in ex- actly the same way as two sheets that have not been joined together.The shear modulus of polyvinylbutyral (PVB) materials varies to a
great extent, e.g. 1 – 400 MPa, over the temperatures and durations encountered for glass laminates in a building.


PVB/SGP interlayer shear modulus

Results of Dupont Butacite & Dupont SGP interlayer

PVB/SGP interlayer shear modulus


Saflex ® DG41 Shear Storage Modulus

PVB/SGP interlayer shear modulus


1.DG41 interlayer shearing modulus is high under low temperature conditions,while when temperature comes over 30℃,the DG41 shearing modulues decrease significantly,so DG 41 is only suggested to be used in low temperature areas.

2.SGP interlayer offers high shearing storage modulus even under 50℃,so it can be used in any area-outdoor balustrades,curtain walls that need structural glass applications.

3.Normal PVB shearing modulus are not affected by the temperature,it can be used in normal conditions and just been used as safety glass.

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