• How laminated glass is made?

    Laminated glass is widely used in glass facade,blustrade,glass fencing,canopy,glass skylight ,etc.As safety glass,laminated glass is made with 2 lites single piece glass and interlayer(PVB or SGP interlayer). The interlayer can bond 2 piece glass together and keeps glass integrity once broken,it offers high security and avoid hurts. Laminated glass is usually produced with glass laminating line,then how the glass and PVB interlayer bonded together? Laminating line consist of glass loading table,glass transmission conveyor,washing and drying machine,glass positioning machine,waliking suction hanger,PVB…

  • Glass processing-Laminated Glass processing

    2.1 Preparation and selection of glass The glass used for laminated glass is float glass, tempered glass, heat-treated glass, ceramic fritted glass, reflective glass, LOW-E glass, etc. Before processing, glass should be selected according to the internal control standard of laminated glass. Waves, stones, scratches, chipping, check the flatness of the glass for tempered glass; due to the unevenness of the glass, the glass and film cannot be completely bonded during the pressing process. 2.2 Glass cleaning In order to…

  • Laminated glass lifetime

    Laminated glass is a composite glass product in which two or more layers of organic polymer interlayer film are sandwiched between glass and processed to make the glass and the intermediate film adhere together for a long time. The laminated glass will be stuck to the film even if the glass is broken, which effectively prevents the occurrence of debris pitting and penetrating fall events, and ensures personal safety. The lifetime of laminated glass depends mainly on the material of…

  • Safety Glass

    Safety glass can be divided into two categories: tempered glass and laminated glass. Tempered glass is made by passing the ordinary glass through a heat treatment process to increase its strength by 3-5 times, and can withstand an external impact or temperature difference of a certain energy without breaking, even if it is broken, the whole piece of glass is broken into  small particles&fragments. It will not cause injury, so it has certain security. Tempered glass can not be cut,…

  • Difference between PVB,EVA ,SGP interlayer

    Laminated glass is also known as safety glass. As the name suggests, laminated glass is composed of multiple layers of glass. Except for the glass, the interlayer in the middle of the glass. Usually there are three kinds of interlayers: EVA, PVB, SGP. PVB PVB is a widely used sandwich material for architectural glass and automotive glass. The storage process and processing method of PVB interlayer is more complicated than EVA, and the requirements for temperature and humidity are high….

  • Architectural Laminated Glass

    Introduction of Morn laminated glass products Laminated glass: Laminated glass is combining two or more lites of glass permanently with one or more interlayers,the interlayer can be PVB,EVA and SGP interlayer,new products also contain dichroic films,smart films to make the glass more functional.the film can keep glass integrity and prevent potential damages,so laminated glass is also called laminated safety glass. Features: 1. Acoustic. Reduce at least 30Dbs noise across the glass. 2. Aesthetic.PVB/EVA laminated can be enhanced to have beautiful…

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